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Growing for the Future

Feeding the worlds growing population is a global challenge. Greenhouse technologies and grreenhouse growing has been around for countless years. AWG is committed to striving to further this science with the passion required for a growing and changing world. Partnering with numerous Educational Institutions, and Horticulture Programs, we are committed to doing our part to help the next generation and setting them up for success in the future. Our team of experts share a common passion for the quality of products and services we provide to ensure our systems last for generations and perform at their peak optimal performance levels for the life of your system. 
Research & Development
Real World Growing Experience 

We perform continual test studies with all environments, light systems, poly carbonates, and countless other components and systems in our controlled environments. Continually testing out new products and technologies ensure that all systems we send out to our distributors are guaranteed to be top of their class. 

Seed studies are continually performed to ensure genetic purity and yield maximum by our partners. For instance, in hemp, truly feminized seeds are still a best guess scenario. With continual research we are on the forefront of providing the absolute best strains of hemp to maximize your farms yield.


Auto dialers, control systems, smart phone compatible systems, are just the beginning. Growing Science and technology thrives in a continuous state of growth and change. AWG continually works with developers, farmer, tech experts, and tech schools doing our part in helping the Agriculture industry grow into the 23rd century and beyond. 

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