Products & Services

AWG is your one stop Wholesale Manufacturer of Greenhouses, Complete Hemp Farms, Hemp Clones, frame systems, and Various other greenhouse system components. Decades of Research paired with continued technological advancements make our systems second to none. All of our products are sold through our nationwide network of trained & certified dealers. Our Hemp farm Consultation Services include services from our network of professionals including Doctors, Directors of Agriculture, Building experts, and professional growers. 
Hemp Farms

In 2018 the new farm bill allowed Industrial Hemp to gain traction beyond the individual states with new cannabis legalization. AWG has bee involved in every aspect of the hemp industry since early 2014 in Colorado. As this newly developing industry grows and changes, AWG is not only actively involved with the growing technologies for Hemp, we are also farmers and growers ourselves. Our nationwide network of professionals have been actively involved in the development of the hemp industry since the farm bill originally legalized hemp. We offer all levels of services for the new grower, to seasoned farmers. We are currently building one of the nations largest manufacturing and processing facilities in house in the nation. Capable of processing up to 40,000 lbs of bio mass per 24 hour period in a laboratory sterile environment this new centrally located facility is schedule to be online in early 2020. 

Delivery & Storage Services

AWG's Hemp Delivery Services are Climate controlled, insured, and guaranteed on time. Our specialty transportation rolling rack systems will not collapse or break apart in transit like all other rolling rack systems available. Your local dealer has these rack systems for sale or lease. Our greenhouse component systems are delivered at your convenience. Freight services are a difficult service to manage, and we have removed that headache for our clients, including offering storage container rental services for added security of your investment. 

More than Greenhouses

AWG's broad spectrum of services additional greenhouse systems are designed and implemented for purpose. Our vast combined knowledge of the horticultural industries and the farm industry puts AWG as your industry leader for providing you the exact greenhouses and systems you need, without wasting resources on inefficient or necessary systems. Built with purpose, built to last, built smarter, stronger,faster, nd more economical, putting the saving back in your pocket. Our trained dealers will provide you the environmental systems and components you need to be on top of your growing game to succeed. We treat you, our clients and customers, like our family. We build to grow, and build to last. We strive to enable you to succeed. Whatever you are growing, our experts will get you ahead of your competitors saving you time and money. Our staff members include Plant Doctors, Technological College Horticulture Advisers, Environmental Engineers, Expert Builders, Expert Greenhouse Designers, 

Soil Testing & Nutrient Guide Services

In conjunction with Colorado State University, AWG soil testing and nutrient services can assist your farm in producing the maximum yield possible. We have partnerships with numerous State certified hemp seed suppliers in multiple hemp legal states. Above and beyon soil testing, our partners offer on site pod sewing, and harvesting services. Coming in 2019/2020- Biomass Storage and processing services. 

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