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Perfect for propagation, The Netafim CoolNet Pro Fogger produces a finer droplet for quicker evaporation. This maintains a higher humidity level in your greenhouse which is necessary for propagation. Average droplet size is 65 microns at 60 PSI. Each of the four nozzles has a flow rate of 2 GPH. Minimal maintenance required with the recommended 140 mesh filtration. This model comes with a low pressure check valve that ensures instant on/off of each fogger with no dripping or line drainage. Great for short cycling applications. Fogger opens at 28 PSI and closes at 13 PSI.


  • Produces a total flow rate of 8.1 GPH at 60 PSI
  • Nozzles are removable for easy cleaning
  • Standard check valve with purple pin opens at 28 PSI and closes at 13 PSI 
  • Check valve ensures instant on/off  and prevents line drainage 

*Please Note: This item is the fogger head with check valve. The Hanging Assembly with stabilizer weight is sold separately and is available in several lengths to fits most needs.


Product Specifications

Nozzle Flow Rate2 GPH each
Operating Pressure Range45 - 60 PSI
Recommended Filtration140 Mesh


NetaFim Quad Fogger

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