AWG Rolling Top Bench Systems & Grow Shelves Ship pre-assembled, saving you thousands in time and labor in installation costs. Our top of the line American made bench and grow systems will keep you in the green above the competition! Rust proof, guaranteed for life, and rated for up to 3500lbs per bench are just a few of the highlights of AWG Incs Rust Proof Aluminum Horizontal Surface Growing Solutions. Multi Level Growing Applications Designed with air flow, lighting, and direct CO2 injection options available. 


Standard Width: 4ft


Q? How Much Bench Can I fit in my Greenhouse?


A. 70%-80% of your floor space can be utilized comfortably for single level growing surface options. For multi-level & tiered shelving options, contact our office for more options and pricing. 


Q? How Long Does Shipping Take?


A. Shipping is varied by order size and destination, but most orders can ship completed in under 4 weeks.


*Most all other professionally designed and manufcatured bench systems are shipped from outside the United States, and freight times of well over 12 weeks are common. Other system still have to be assembled from all raw materials once they arrive on your site. Adding more delay and costs to your project. AWG Inc has eliminated this headache permanently with our top of the line designs that ship faster, and arrive pre-assembled, saving you valuable time and money on one of your most important surfaces in your greenhouse or grow space- the Grow space its self! 


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AWG Inc Aluminum Rolling Top Professional Bench Systems