Choosing the right greenhouse for your application. 

  Humans have been cultivating crops for thousands of years, and greenhouses are a pivotal part of food & crop production. Dating back to Ancient Rome, and later appearing again in the 1500s greenhouses, glasshouses, conservatoriums, atriums have all had their marks on Architecture thoughout history. In modern history, We first started using greenhouses for plant cultivation in the Netherlands & England in the early 17th century. The concept of greenhouse horticulture has been around for hundreds of years. Fast forward to today, & AWG Inc is taking that technology to the next level. 

  Glasshouses have changed in modern times to greenhouses, & those have a wide variety of designs & purposes. The most common design & use of greenhouses in modern times is for food production. A very close second is floral plant production. With many styles of building design and a wide variety of glazing materials, many productions are running inefficient & incorrect style of buildings for the end use purpose. The largest offender is the high tunnel, or hoop house as its most commonly referred to. These are designed for temporary structures & as hardening houses. More often than not we find these structures being used as permanent facilities due to their lower up front costs. Unfortunately when a high tunnel or hoop house is used in place where a real greenhouse is needed, the environmental control costs generally negate any initial investment savings, and inside a years time. High tunnels can be utilized efficiently with the proper systems & designs. Greenhouses are vital in our society for food and plant based medicinal propogations. It is often considered the first greenhouse used for medicinal plant production was a tropical house in the 1800s. French Botanist Charles Bonaparte is widely considered the first in modern history to use greenhouses for medicinal plant productions. 

 In the United States from the turn of the 19th Century to the millenia, there were very few greenhouse manufacturers. The worlds largest greenhouse productions were in Europe and the middle East. After the end of the war, the United States saw a boom in new manufacturing industries, and greenhouse manufacturing made its way to the United States more consistently. Much of the 20th century saw greenhouse technologies moving towards cheaper building systems, but at a drastic cost to efficiency. New glazing materials were being tested & used in many different applications in much of the 20th century, and a new age of greenhouses began. 

Greenhouses were once far too great of a financial investment, this spawned numerous styles of glazing options, & building designs. Warehouse growing solutions costs became a large scale capital venture to offset the intial costs of inefficient greenhouse systems. The need for more economical growing solutions gave rise to the common hoop house style greenhouses. These styles of greenhouses soon became more common due to their lower up front building system cost. However the initial costs savings of high tunnels & hoop houses for year round grow facilities was and still is, very short lived. The hoop house greenhouses are energy consuming monsters. While efficient for hardening houses as a pre-cursor step from taking plants from propogation to the field, these types of greenhouses are extremely inefficient for year round growing operations in nearly all environmental conditions.

 New types of glazings, new designs, & new systems continue to advance in pace with modern technology. Very little of those manufacturers took greenhouses back to the proverbial drawing board. This is where AWG Inc has invested and continually invests in product research in greenhouse and product efficiency. Partnered with resin manufacturers, fan manufacturers, & a global network of various agencies, AWG Inc specializes in the worlds most energy efficient greenhouses on the market. Our frame systems are engineered for heavy snow loads, high winds, and are still the most economical system designed to grow your future, not drain and wither it!

 *Yes, we skipped over hundreds of years of history and pivitol points in history. If you are interested in the full history of greenhouses, we highly recommend signing up for the horticultural program at Pickens Technical College. You can find the link to the program on the home page.* 

AWG Incs' proprietary greenhouse systems use the energy the state of the art hail proof polycarbonate panels create to disperse and hold the thermal battery of the greenhouse environment. There are many theories of how to create thermal batteries from water barrels, to forced air geo thermal systems, to a variety of numerous building designs. At AWG Inc, we have tested them all, and our proven systems are the next evolution in greenhouse systems. Combining numerous efficient systems to create the perfect balance of efficiency, strength, longevity, affordability, AWG Inc has created the most efficient greenhouse systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use. 

With decades of research in hand, & with the most advanced to-date polymers, polycarbonates, AWG Inc has the perfect greenhouse, components, or building system to suit your needs. 

  Not all Greenhouses are created equal, light matters! 


  What is a greenhouse without quality light? There are vast differences in modern greenhouse designs, the options can seem virtually endless. Each type of glazing offers different pros and cons. The key element to the effectiveness of any greenhouse is first and foremost the type of glazing. Common glazing types are polycarbonate, glass acrylic, and polyethelene film which is primarily used for Hoop House structures. The quality of light transmitted through these different materials is not only varied on type of material, but also by manufacturer as well. Having a poor quality or degraded glazing on your greenhouse can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the PAR in your greenhouse, essentially starving your plants. Our greenhouse systems are paired with the absolute best available polycarbonate panels available to ensure continued quality of light for the life of the panel. All polycarbonate sold by AWG Inc is backed by the best warranties in the industry, 15 year labor backed warranties.  Thoroughly tested for its PAR values, our panel systems ensure your greenhouse will produce far greater yeilds. The LUX in the interior of our greenhouse systems produce light values that far exceed any other greenhouse on the market while simutanously reducing environmental control costs.   

 What is PAR in light measurement? PAR, Photosynthetic Active Radiation is the wavelengths of light within the visible range of 400 to 700 nanometers (nm) which drives photosynthesis. It is often misunderstood in its use in horticulture usages due to its varied sources including artifical light fixtures.

 PPFD – Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density μMol/m2/s.  PPFD measures the amount of PAR light (photons) that arrive at the plant’s surface each second. The PPFD is measured at various distances with a Full-spectrum Quantum Sensor, also known as a PAR meter. Natural sunlight has a PAR value of 900-1500μMol/m2/s when the sun is directly overhead. For a grow light to be effective, it should have PAR values of 500-1500 μMol/m2/s.

PPF – Photosynthetic Photon Flux μMol/s.  PPF measures the total amount of PAR that is produced by a lighting system each second. Although PPF does not tell how many of the light photons land on the plant, it is an important metric for lighting efficiency.

  Supplemental grow lighting offers many varied types, spectrums, and additional benefits for plant species that require more or less light exposure than the current daylight hours might offer. The newest type of supplemental lighting systems are LED. While this ever changing type of light source is not yet perfected, improvements are in a cycle of continued advancement. LED supplemental grow lights often produce multiple light spectrums that are not measured by PPFD, or PPF. When a poor quality or degraded glazing system is in place, it is common for growers to be forced to run lighting systems simutaneously during daylight hours. This greatly increases operations costs. One of the most vital decisions when it comes to your greenhouse project is your light source. 

What Greenhouse Systems & Components Best Suits your Needs? 

AWG Incs' Commercial Pro Greenhouses are designed for larger scale growing operations. All Buildings are expandable, and compatible with every upgradable systems. One of our Typical Pro Greenhouses include the following: (additional options available) 

  • AWG Steel Truss Light Deprivation Frame System

  • Insulated Steel Double Walk Door w/locking hardware

  • 8mm hail proof 15 year polycarbonate- selective iq roof. wbw walls

  • AWG high efficiency cooling systems & german direct drive haf/exhaust fans

  • Interior wall fans- low amp/high cfms

  • AWG Aluminum Extrusions, 22ga galv trim package, lifetime fasteners

  • AWG Aluminum Top Rust Proof Rolling Top Bench Systems

  • Igrow800 Greenhouse Controller

  • Wadsworth Roof light deprivation System

  • Netafim Multi Zone Irrigation System (with optional overhead fogger/mister system)

  • Modine Natural Gas/LP Heater

  • Optional Supplimental Grow Lights (additional)

  • 25 Year Frame Warranty. 15 Year Poly Warranty. Lifetime Fan & Bench Warranty

AWG Incs' Line of Residential Kits are designed and engineered to last generations, growing year round, & cost little to nothing in environmental controll costs. Our line of polycarbonates allow the perfect lux & par levels for most all plant species that require moderate to full sun. Ideal for home garden variety produce and floral species. Each Residential kit includes Standard: (additional options avalable)


  • AWG Incs' Residentail Bolt Together Frame System

  • 15 Hail Proof Polycarbonates

  • AWG Aluminum Extrustion & 22 Ga Galv Trim Package

  • 2500 Series Glass Walk Door Package & 24in Aluminum Shutter

  • 25 Year Frame Warranty. 15 Year Polycarbonate Warranty

AWG Inc Residential Kits are designed to put its owner mind at ease. Our packages are designed for heavy snow and wind loads, as well as efficiency. Our designs ensure that your greenhouse shall not overheat in the summer months, or freeze in the winter months utilizing only a small supplemental heater for the colder winter nights. 

AWG Incs' line of High Tunnel & Hoop House Hardening Houses outlast & out perform the competition. Our frames are 2in 17ga Galv. Our clip systems are designed with flat clips & no snag points to help your covering material last longer. Our frames are designed and engineered to accept multiple types of glazing systems. The most common for this type of structure is 6mm polyethylene film. Dual layer polyethylene film with an air barrier in between the 2 layers help with the strength, insulation factor and longevity. Our standard high tunnels include roll up side walls. Our standard hoop houses do not include roll up side walls. 

In comparison with other systems on the market, ours are designed and engineered for strength, longevity, versatility, & deliverability. 

  • 8mm Twinwall 15yr Hail Proof Endwalls

  • 6mm Polyethylene Films. 35% more Lux & Par

  • High Strength Easy to Install Frame Systems w/no single flex point

  • Custom Wetwall & Irrigation Systems

  • High Efficiency Exhuast, Circulation, & Plant Wall Fans

  •  Insualted Steel Doors w/locking hardware

  • Deep Channel wiggle wire track & Coated Wiggle wire

Whatever your greenhouse needs are, AWG Inc is your one stop shop for the most effiecient & strongest greenhouses on the market. Our standard kits will save you thousands on your initial investment costs, & installation costs. Twelve month ROIs' on engery usage savings is common. 

 AWG Inc also manufactures to suit. We offer a wide variety of products & greenhouses. AWG Inc also manufactures Passive Solar Greenhouses, custom attached greenhouses, sunrooms, building modifications, and numerous other products & componets. Contact one of our project coordinators today for more information! 

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