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Choosing the right greenhouse for your application. 


What Greenhouse Systems & Components Best Suits your Needs?

AWG Incs' Commercial Pro Greenhouses are designed for larger scale growing operations. All Buildings are expandable, and compatible with every upgradable systems. One of our Typical Pro Greenhouses include the following: (additional options available) 

  • AWG Steel Truss Light Deprivation Frame System

  • Insulated Steel Double Walk Door w/locking hardware

  • 8mm hail proof 15 year polycarbonate- selective iq roof. wbw walls

  • AWG high efficiency cooling systems & german direct drive haf/exhaust fans

  • Interior wall fans- low amp/high cfms

  • AWG Aluminum Extrusions, 22ga galv trim package, lifetime fasteners

  • AWG Aluminum Top Rust Proof Rolling Top Bench Systems

  • Igrow800 Greenhouse Controller

  • Wadsworth Roof light deprivation System

  • Netafim Multi Zone Irrigation System (with optional overhead fogger/mister system)

  • Modine Natural Gas/LP Heater

  • Optional Supplimental Grow Lights (additional)

  • 25 Year Frame Warranty. 15 Year Poly Warranty. Lifetime Fan & Bench Warranty

AWG Incs' Line of Residential Kits are designed and engineered to last generations, growing year round, & cost little to nothing in environmental controll costs. Our line of polycarbonates allow the perfect lux & par levels for most all plant species that require moderate to full sun. Ideal for home garden variety produce and floral species. Each Residential kit includes Standard: (additional options avalable)


  • AWG Incs' Residentail Bolt Together Frame System

  • 15 Hail Proof Polycarbonates

  • AWG Aluminum Extrustion & 22 Ga Galv Trim Package

  • 2500 Series Glass Walk Door Package & 24in Aluminum Shutter

  • 25 Year Frame Warranty. 15 Year Polycarbonate Warranty

AWG Inc Residential Kits are designed to put its owner mind at ease. Our packages are designed for heavy snow and wind loads, as well as efficiency. Our designs ensure that your greenhouse shall not overheat in the summer months, or freeze in the winter months utilizing only a small supplemental heater for the colder winter nights. 

AWG Incs' line of High Tunnel & Hoop House Hardening Houses outlast & out perform the competition. Our frames are 2in 17ga Galv. Our clip systems are designed with flat clips & no snag points to help your covering material last longer. Our frames are designed and engineered to accept multiple types of glazing systems. The most common for this type of structure is 6mm polyethylene film. Dual layer polyethylene film with an air barrier in between the 2 layers help with the strength, insulation factor and longevity. Our standard high tunnels include roll up side walls. Our standard hoop houses do not include roll up side walls. 

In comparison with other systems on the market, ours are designed and engineered for strength, longevity, versatility, & deliverability. 

  • 8mm Twinwall 15yr Hail Proof Endwalls

  • 6mm Polyethylene Films. 35% more Lux & Par

  • High Strength Easy to Install Frame Systems w/no single flex point

  • Custom Wetwall & Irrigation Systems

  • High Efficiency Exhuast, Circulation, & Plant Wall Fans

  •  Insualted Steel Doors w/locking hardware

  • Deep Channel wiggle wire track & Coated Wiggle wire

Whatever your greenhouse needs are, AWG Inc is your one stop shop for the most effiecient & strongest greenhouses on the market. Our standard kits will save you thousands on your initial investment costs, & installation costs. Twelve month ROIs' on engery usage savings is common. 

 AWG Inc also manufactures to suit. We offer a wide variety of products & greenhouses. AWG Inc also manufactures Passive Solar Greenhouses, custom attached greenhouses, sunrooms, building modifications, and numerous other products & componets. Contact one of our project coordinators today for more information! 

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