AWG Incs' National Hemp Coalition is building its foundation for the future! A nation wide team of resources to help support today and tomorrows farmers. Our Coalition offers our farmers direct access to member included services, member discounts, access to state certified soils testing, plant material testing, and genetics registration and much more! 

Ensuring the livelihood of our members and they navigate this new industry is Job #1. 

 Having access to a nationwide network of produts and resources at member discount rates is one of the most important step in making into this new industry. Whether youre a seasoned farmer looking to join a group of like minded people, find a trusted place to secure quality genetics, dicounts on greenhouses and products, equipment or labor. Our Coalition unites farmers, product manufacturers. 

 Members have access to potentionally hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings! 

Coming in 2021: 

  • National Genetics Registry & Ceritifcation Program

  • More Product Testing Facilities

  • Fiber Research Programs

  • National Equipment Rental Registry