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"What Would Ya Say We Do here"- The new standard in the worlds strongest, most efficient, and most cost effective greenhouses & components! 

Below are just some of the features and highlights of our components and systems. We are constantly researching new technologies and testing them. Many of our systems are tested under scientific study at Technical Colleges in Colorado, USA. We are the only manufacturer to continually perform these types of product testing at a collegiate level. Please feel free to reach out to our office with any questions, and any of our Project Managers will be happy to answer any techncial questions you may have about any of our products- 

AWG Frame Systems: Steel & Aluminum-  

  AWG means, all weather greenhouse, and when we say"All Weather" we mean, ALL WEATHER! Our Standard frame systems are the strongest standard greenhouse frames designs in the industry!  Frame systems starting @ $14.00 Per Sq Ft! Our systems are designed to utilize the energy created by your greenhouse glazing/poly to reduce environmental control costs! The cost to operate our greenhouses is up to 500% less than other systems on the market!

  • 1/8in, 11 Gauge & 14 Gauge Fully Welded Trusses

  • 6026 & 6061 High Strength Corrosion Resistant Aluminums, just to name a few

  • Smart Building Designs- Efficiency is standard

  • Real Blue Prints & Foundation Designs

  • Quick installation building designs

  • 25 Year Frame Warranty

  • Snow Load- up to 80lb

  • Wind Rating- Up to 135mph

  • Off grid compatible

  • Salt Water Resistant Systems available

  • Expandable, and relocatable

  • Custom Hoop Houses available

  • Made in the USA!


  AWGs' top of the line benches and grow tables are unmatched in their longevity, durability, delivery time, ease of installation, & performance! Designed to save you thousands of dollars, countless hours of installation, and smoothly operate with ease. Our bench systems are lighter by up to 80% while stronger by up to 500%! Starting @ $17.00 per sq ft!

  • Pre-Assembled Bench Top & Legs

  • 2500lb weight capacity standard

  • Rust & Corrosion Proof

  • Flat Aluminum Expanded metal tops

  • 4 week or less shipping 

  • Smooth and easy movement

  • Made in the USA!

  • Lifetime Warranty!


 At AWG we strive for excellence, and our glazing systems are no different! The amount of science and engineering put into creating the best greenhouse glazing systems is nothing short of astronomical! The research is never ending, same as the testing. While new technologies are always changing our industry, we always deliver the best. 

Not all plastics are equal: There are many plastic resin manufacturers that make lessor quality products. They fail on countless levels aside from their performance. There are those that fail to communicate on delivery, that dont warranty their products, and some from overseas "too good to be true" pricing wholesalers that deliver anything at all. When you are ordering products from overseas, and the price is too good to be true, there is a reason, it likely is. We see it on nearly a weekely basis. So when it comes to choosing the right covering for your greenhouse, we only stand by the best. Macrolux is our key supplier for our propriatary poly carbonate panels. We also offer acrylic, glass and polyethylene coverings! Our most common is our 8mm twinwall, & this is no coincidence! It is the best bang for your buck product that exists. We at AWG offer something that no other greenhouse manufacturer offers, a no-nonsense labor back 15 year warranty on your polycarbonate! 10 year non prorated, and 5 year prorated! This unbeatable warranty covers 3 things- Yellowing, hail, and loss of light! But wait! Theres More! Your labor is also covered! For all warranty details, contact our office today for a free quote!

  • Hail Proof- up to 24.26 mm

  • Does not brittle

  • Does not yellow

  • Will not lose light transmission

  • Strongest Poly on the market

  • Fastest Delivery on the market

  • Labor backed warranties

  • Several light profiles available

  • Efficiency

  • Relax IQ Thermal Reuction Polycarbonates

Custom Fabrication & Service:

  We offer 24/7 emergency glass & greenhouse service. In the winter or summer, if you lose an environmental control system, it could destroy your entire greenhouse of plants, we understand this, and strive to always be available within the hour when possible!

Our custom fabrication services are also here to fix any of those curveballs that you run into with your greenhouse and systems. 

  • Design Services-Ag

  • Dispensary Components

  • Hail Damage

  • Greenhouse Repairs- all systems

  • Shade and misting Systems & Repair

  • Wetwall and Exhaust Systems & Repair

  • Indoor Grow Systems & Repair

  • light deprivation

  • custom residential passive solar

Taking Air Movement Technology to an entirely new level

When it comes to environmental engineering and re-creating unique environments out of the natural habitats, one key element of that is interior air movement. Over the past few years, AWG Inc has been testing our new product line of high efficient low decible, high air movement fans. Partnered with a German Fan Manufacturer, we have achieved what has never been done before in the greenhouse industry! Massive air movment, quietly, and at fractions of the cost of your typical greenhouse fan. In two years of testing, these fan reduced energy consumption on our test facilities at Pickens Technical College by thousands in saving! Making this one additional component the perfect match to AWGs line of efficient greenhouses. 

 Direct drive motors, no belts, no maintenance, and limited lifetime warranties backed by AWG! There are no greenhouse systems in the world that we know of that come close to matching the quality and efficiency of the AWG Inc brand!. Most of our system are under a 12 month ROI. 

  We offer a few different options, sizes and configurations. From brand new units pre-mounted in their top of the line housings, to retrofit kits for numerous other types of housings, we have everything you need to reduced your energy costs and get your greenhouse back in the "green"!  

 Contact us today for more information, to speak to a project manager, or to schedule a tour. 


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