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Things to know before investing in your next Greenhouse  (Click on the images below to access tips and tricks from the best greenhouse experts in the nation)

  The standard in greenhouse efficient technologies varies from each greenhouse manufacturer. AWG Inc is the only manufacturer to conduct Collegiate level R&D on every single component for a period of no less than 24 months. Once a product passes our rigorous series of tests, it may be added to our product lines. Below our Engineers & Experts combine their years of knowledge & expereince to share with you a collection of some "tips from the pros":


  There is quite a bit of information below, & if there is more questions you have, our Project Managers are available 7 days a week to answer any other questions you may have. Please feel free to book mark this page for future reference. Lets remove some of the technical jargin for now, and discuss a few key elements of what you should consider in purchasing your next greenhouse: 

 You have numerous options in your next greenhouse project. One of your key questions that you may not think of on the front end, is "how does the environmental control cost for your future greenhouse look, or how can I improve the efficiency of my greenhouse & save of the high utilities costs?

 AWG Inc is the only manufacturer to engineer your greenhouse for your specific environment, the desired use, for efficiency, and longevity. 

 Environmental control costs are a complex, fluctuating factor, especially in retail, and commercial nursery applications. The average cost to maintain a specific environment is based on several key factors:

  1. Location

  2. Type of Greenhouse Environment

  3. Enduse Designation(ie; retail, commercial nursery, etc)

  4. Greenhouse Design/Manufacturer

 At AWG Inc, we have been engineering and designing all types of greenhouse operations, green building solutions, & interior warehouse growing solutions for decades. Continually updating proven technologies. Culminating in the most efficient, strongest, sustainable, resilient, & cost effect greenhouses & greenhouse products available on the market today. 

 In comparison studies it has been proven that some greenhouse systems can cost as much as $1.47 per sqft to maintain the interior environment averaged. While AWG Incs' Energy Efficient Greenhouse Systems in a side by side comparison cost an average of $0.10-$0.19 per sqft to maintain the identical environment. This energy efficiency is just one of the many factors that set AWG Incs' Greenhouse Systems far ahead of any other manufacturers. 

  Here AWG Incs' Pros Share Decades of Experience, Tips, Industry Know How, & Information that will save you valuable time, money, & resources.  

 The Key Components of Your Greenhouse & Why They Matter:

                 (Click on the images below to access tips from the pros)

 1. The Frame System:





   Glazing Systems:










Environmental Controllers & Control Systems:











Heating Systems: 





 Cooling Systems: 







An Increasingly Common Trend:


  Over the past few years with the changes in international trade and online sales, there has been a large scale influx of online sales targeting sourcing from China, especially since the introduction of the legal cannabis industry. One thing that hasn't changed, that is, "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is". In most instances there is little to no price savings & there is no enforcement against false advertising in some countries. This is a harsh reality of online purchasing. Our customer service teams fields calls weekly of stories of anywhere from missing products, impossible to assemble, & in some cases, products not received at all. When it comes to certain Chinese Based Web Sales Companies, this is their daily practice. The best advice we can offer to people, is do your research before you purchase products online. Every week we hear from people looking for help in installing, fixing, or starting all over from scratch after being robbed by any one of these types of websites. Heart breaking stories of anywhere from losing their entire purchase to missing parts, to sub standard quality, and the list goes on and on. AWG Inc only sells the highest quality components, We do not install products sourced from Alibaba or other similar websites, We do not Service them. 


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