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Engineering & Consulting Services

Greenhouses can be a bit overwhelming due to their complexity and the number of different systems that make them run efficiently. When it comes to Greenhouses, there are very few companies that manufacture engineered systems. When they are engineered and designed properly, a greenhouse can be the most efficient building system available. However, when improperly designed, a greenhouse can be the most costly building system to own and operate.

What do you do when you inherit a greenhouse, are new to greenhouse growing operations, or need trustworthy advice on how to repair/refurbish or increase your current greenhouses' operational efficiency? Our team of Engineers not only design and engineer the strongest, most efficient grow systems avaiable today, we also consult on your existing greenhouse. We can help you turn your operation into a well tuned machine operating at peak efficiency. Our goal is to get you growing as efficient as possible, keeping you in the "green" for the life of your greenhouse. If there is a smarter, more economical solution to your problem, you can rest assured, our decades of experience is going to get you to your goal faster. 

 Our team of Engineers offer many different options for Greenhouse Engineering and Consulting services. 

  • State Departments' of Agriculture

  • Collegiate & Post Secondary Educational Programs

  • Commercial Nursery Operations

  • Public Speaking Engagements

  • Cannabis Cultivation Operations

  • Greenhouse Inspection Reports

  • Off Grid Grow Operations

  • Greenhouse Repair/Refurbish Projects

  • Custom Greenhouse Design & Engineering

  • Environmental Control Engineering

  • Greenhouse Controller Systems

  • Photo Period Control: Shade & Blackout Systems

  • Vertical Grow Solutions

  • Irrigation and Nutrient Feeding Systems

  • Dispensary Floor Plan Designs

Grow like a Pro

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Crawford CO 81415

Tel: (970)-921-9516

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